Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by extreme shifts in mood, energy levels, and behavior. Individuals with bipolar disorder experience episodes of mania, which is an elevated or irritable mood, and/or depression, which is a persistent feeling of sadness and hopelessness.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can vary widely, depending on the type and severity of the episode. There are two main types of bipolar disorder: bipolar I and bipolar II. People with bipolar I experience manic episodes that last for at least a week and often require hospitalization. They may also experience depressive episodes that last for at least two weeks.

On the other hand, bipolar II is characterized by less severe manic episodes, known as hypomania, and more frequent depressive episodes. It’s essential to note that people with bipolar disorder don’t always experience extreme highs and lows. Some may have a mix of both mania and depression at the same time.

With proper support and bipolar treatment, San Diegoindividuals with bipolar disorder can lead fulfilling lives.

Bipolar Treatment San Diego
Bipolar disorder San Diego

Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a complex condition that affects each person differently. While the exact cause is still unknown, researchers believe it may be due to a combination of biological, environmental, and genetic factors.

Environmental factors, such as traumatic events or chronic stress, can also trigger episodes of bipolar disorder. San Diego individuals who engage in substance abuse, particularly alcohol and stimulants, can worsen their symptoms. There’s also evidence to suggest bipolar disorder may run in families, with genetic factors playing a significant role.


  • Extreme changes in mood and energy levels
  • Impulsive behavior, such as risky spending or substance abuse
  • Racing thoughts and difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Symptoms of depression including hopelessness, guilt, or worthlessness
Bipolar Therapy San Diego
Bipolar Treatment  in San Diego


Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition that requires proper management to prevent and manage episodes. Whether they need medication, intervention during crisis episodes, or bipolar therapy, San Diegoresidents can trust in the empathetic, nurturing environment created by the mental health professionals at Sacred Psychiatric. We play a crucial role in the treatment of bipolar disorder, working closely with patients to develop personalized care plans.

Medication Management-Bipolar disorder is often treated with a combination of medications, primarily mood-stabilizing agents or atypical neuroleptics.

Therapy- Therapy is an essential component of bipolar disorder treatment. Individual or group therapy sessions can help patients learn coping skills, manage symptoms, and improve overall wellbeing. When they provide bipolar therapy, San Diego mental health professionals may use different approaches, such as cognitivebehavioral therapy or psychoeducation to address specific challenges.

Crisis Intervention- People with bipolar disorder are at higher risk for experiencing crises, especially during manic episodes. Psychiatric providers can guide and support patients during times of crisis to prevent harm to the individual or others.

Education and Support- For individuals who need bipolar therapy, San Diegopsychiatric providers also play a crucial role in providing education and support to individuals with bipolar disorder and their families. They can help people understand the condition, recognize potential triggers, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. They also provide emotional support and connect patients with community resources for ongoing support.

At Sacred Psychiatric, your provider will offer extensive education to you and your loved ones on the symptoms commonly experienced in an episode. Your Sacred Psychiatric provider will monitor those symptoms and direct you to the appropriate level of care in the event of a crisis, offer supportive medications, and encourage you to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. For a holistic evaluation and personalized treatment for bipolar disorder, San Diego residents should contact Sacred Psychiatric at 619-251-2712. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding and addressing bipolar symptoms effectively, promoting stability and wellbeing.